Live Auction Items

2015 Shining Mountain’s Beach Ball, Recalling the Summer Sun Live Auction

Whether you’re looking to go to an exotic place or stay right here in Boulder, there are many exciting adventures in our Live Auction.  This includes a week stay in France or Telluride, the opportunity to win a bicycle or go a special trip with a faculty member.  More information on our live auction items are below.  We anticipate a lot of excitement on this year’s offerings!

Artistically Speaking
Ignite your artistic spark with a privately held tour of Joan Miró:  Instinct and Imagination, at the Denver Art Museum.  You will participate in one of two private tours led by the museum’s expert docents.  In addition to learning about the Spanish artist, Joan Miró, and his work during the last two decades of his career, you can take part in the museum’s “Untitled Final Fridays”.   There will be a cash bar, snacks, and a promised “dose of the unexpected”.  The theme of the evening will be “Fake Out” and you can experiment with stage makeup and optical illusions.  This event will take place on Friday, April 24 from 6-10 p.m. and is limited to 30 people.

A Night of Luxury 
Feel like you’ve really gotten away from it all without going very far at all.  That’s right, you and your loved one can enjoy a magical evening in Boulder.  The evening will begin with a chauffeur ride in a 1963 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce provided by alumni parent, John Kelly.  You can begin your getaway with fine dining at a local favorite – Brasserie Ten Ten.  Here you will enjoy a delicious meal of amazing French food and wine.  After dinner, you can then take a short stroll from Brasserie Ten Ten to the very elegant St. Julien hotel for an evening stay at this chic hotel.  Ooh, la, la!  In the morning, stroll the Pearl Street mall for breakfast and shopping.  And, when you’re feeling nice and refreshed, give John a call and he will bring you home in style.  Please contact Julie Marr to arrange for your accommodations.

Estes Park with Dorothea Altgelt!
Your child/ren can enjoy an amazing day-trip to Estes Park with our beloved teacher, Dorothea Altgelt.  What a day to remember!  Dorothea knows Estes Park well and looks forward to designing a delightful day for this private hike, including finding just the right spot for a peaceful picnic lunch.  This is the type of opportunity we all wish we could have had when we were our child’s age.   By the end of the day, it’s likely your children will be singing, “the hills are alive with the sound of music!”

Tres Magnifique
image002Pull out your beret and start practicing your French!  We’ve got an amazing opportunity for you.  Stay for one week in a recently restored, seven-bedroom 18th century chateau in the village of Boissy-les-Perche (  The former hunting lodge of the Marquis de Chambrais, the house sits on 12 acres of lawn and forest with two ponds.  The chateau is just one and half hours west of Paris, two hours from the beaches of Normandy and one hour from Chartres.  In ten minutes, you can find all of the French food and pastries your heart desires in the historic town of Verneuille sur Avre.  Oui! Oui! The owner requests that this opportunity be used in 2015.  There are no block out dates and the home currently has only two weeks reserved by other guests this year.

Kidder Plus Heads or Tails
For just $25, you have a chance to win a Linus commuter bike, inspired by French bicycle design from the 1950’s and 60’s. This elegant bike is wonderful for short commutes and errands around town.  It can be used for recreation, for sport or as a legitimate form of transportation. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, it reduces carbon emissions, congestion, noise pollution, and makes for a happier, more connected city experience.

How can you win this beautiful prize?  Well, it’s as easy as riding a bicycle…all Heads and Tails participants will stand up and put their hands on either their head…or their tail.  The auctioneer will flip a coin and announce whether the coin came up heads or tails.  Those with their hands on the “winning end” stay standing and everyone else sits down.  The last player standing will be the proud, new owner of the Linus bike, courtesy of the Waldorf Moms at Kidder Plus Real Estate. 

A Daily Spot of Serenity
Who wouldn’t love to stop circling the Shining Mountain parking lot trying to find a place to park?  Imagine circumventing all of the traffic jams and parking in your own private space up front.  It’s like daily valet parking for an entire school year.  This is especially appealing in the winter months when parking spaces naturally dwindle because no one can see the white lines of the parking lot.  Your children will always know where to look for you.  And, even on those hectic days, you can remember where you parked!

Join the Amazing Race

This is the Amazing Race, Boulder style!  Join your fellow parents on an unusual and hilarious adventure, which promises to get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing.  The two Shining Mountain School buses with 14 passengers each will unravel clues, negotiate an obstacle course, and match wits to complete crazy tasks to beat the other team.  Our wonderful Mark and Amy Evans will be your coaches and chauffeurs for the evening.  So much for cooperation – let’s bring on the competition. Who will win the Amazing Race?  YOU!!  Plan to bid high – only 28 spots available.  Join the Amazing Race on Saturday, May 16th from 4-6 p.m.

Powder Break
Imagine yourself during next year’s February Winter Break in picturesque Telluride, Colorado.  Spend the week in this stunning, Victorian home right in the heart of town.  A two-minute walk from Telluride’s quaint cafes and finest restaurants, you will not be at a loss for your creature comforts.  You can hit the slopes, snowshoe, cross-country ski or ice-skate.  Or, you can choose to relax in the home’s private hot tub or play pool in the downstairs game room.  The house sleeps eight to ten people.  You can’t go wrong with a family get-away in this amazing home and spectacular town.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!
Enjoy an overnight camping adventure with Shining Mountain Coach, Tyler Haughness.  An experienced wilderness guide, Tyler will work with you to create a custom trip that best suits you, your group and level of experience.  You can send your kids off alone with Tyler or make it an outdoor adventure for the entire family.  Learn from Tyler’s skills in orienteering (a lost art since the advent of the GPS) and his knowledge of local wilderness history.  This personalized adventure will also include outdoor games and activities.  Whether you choose to climb your favorite fourteener, hike from Bear Creek through Needles Eye or wander up Grays or Torreys, this is bound to be an incredible trip.