Procurement Resources

January 2015
Dear Shining Mountain parents,

Our 20th Annual Gala Benefit is the largest fundraising event for our school and most importantly for our children. It is also the one night a year that is set aside to celebrate with the other adults in our community. Each year the Gala is a special evening of music, good food, festive beverages, dancing and socializing. Invitations will be mailed in late February. You won’t want to miss it!

Our Online Auction typically features 200+ items, which will be perused online at our auction web site and bid on beginning two weeks before the Gala and throughout the event night. The online auction will close mid-morning the day following the Gala. Most of these items open bidding at 50% of their value. The online auction items are donations of tangible items, gift certificates and services from parents in our community and businesses largely from Boulder County. The items range in value from $20 to $200 and up. With a wide variety of items, there really is something for everyone to bid on.

The 200+ items will primarily be solicited by parents in our school communities. We are asking each SMWS family to solicit one item, certificate or service from their favorite business or to donate an item or service personally. Please consider soliciting your favorite businesses for us. The donation deadline is February 25, 2015. However, it is helpful to receive them even sooner.

Following are instructions on how to procure items:

  1. Take a solicitation form and cover letter the next time you frequent your favorite restaurant, boutique, carwash, dentist, veterinarian, book store, children’s store, museum, theatre, etc.
  2. Drop a form by a friend’s business―ask for an item for your child’s school.
  3. Email a request to your child’s summer camp, your favorite get-away, spa, athletic club, etc.


  1. The donor completes the form including the value of the donation and they take the pink copy.
  2. Deliver the item or gift certificate with the procurement form (white and yellow copies) to:
    1. Julie Marr, Development Director – 2nd Floor of the Community House
    2. Kim Rector in the Lower School Office
    3. Or leave on the counter in the Community House living room

Things to know:

  1. Merchants are usually very gracious―at worst they will simply tell you “no”. Most of the time they will gladly support their community’s children. Also, you won’t be the first person asking for a donation. They are asked regularly.
  2. If they would like, we can generate a gift certificate for them. We just need to know if they have any restrictions to their gift.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School Gala (Continued)

The following items are the favorites of our guests and bidders year after year:

  • Our community favors experiences over physical goods. Restaurant certificates are # 1and easiest to obtain―also coffee shop cards, bottles of wine and micro brewed beer,beautiful cheeses and chocolates, etc.―
  • Donate your mountain home or other vacation spot for a long weekend or a full week.
  • Massage services, yoga classes, essential oil packages, spa items and treatments,homeopathic remedy kits and other items and services which nurture and nourish.
  • Accessories like hand bags and luxurious scarves, special earrings and necklaces, vasesfor the florist certificates, etc.
  • Items for the home such as pottery, home accessories, home related services, patioaccessories and furniture, garden accessories and books, garden services, etc.
  • Children’s clothing, toys, games, camps, furniture, dollhouses, books, etc.
  • Tickets to sporting events, theatre tickets, music and dance concerts, Shakespearefestivals, museums, etc.If you have a great idea and are not sure whether it is right, give us a call and we will discuss the possibilities with you. Please open your heart in support of our schools, Waldorf Education and most of all, our children, by helping us solicit some great items for our Online Auction this year!With much gratitude,Julie Marr | Development Director Fund |
    Susan Baca | Development Chair | 303-951-8583