Special Appeal 2015

This year, we would like to invest the money we receive from the Special Appeal in our most important asset – our faculty.

We are asking each faculty member to create a wish list of the development opportunities that they would like to pursue.

Through the money raised via our Special Appeal, our faculty can dream outside of the box and consider programs and opportunities that they have always wanted to take advantage of, but for which there has been no funding.

We believe that investing in our teachers will be like the sun radiating outward.  Our faculty will feel energized and inspired to bring new ideas and techniques into their classrooms, which will then inspire their fellow colleagues and students…and so on.

The benefits of investing in our faculty in this way cannot be overestimated.  Our entire community will receive the benefits of their learning.

So please give generously to our Special Appeal this year.  Not only are you supporting our faculty, but also our children and our greater community.