Parent Enrichment Events

Parent Enrichment is pleased to offer a variety of events, activities and courses to help you:

  • Deepen your understanding of Waldorf education
  • Strengthen your relationships with your children, teachers and community members
  • Get answers to your questions around child/human development, Waldorf Education, and Anthroposophy
  • Cultivate support and community connection on this journey we travel together

Please check out the various offerings and inquire about those you are interested in. Be sure to look for regular reminders for Parent Enrichment Offers in the SMWS Weekly Update and Monthly Community Notes.

We look forward to seeing you at many of our events!


art-of-fatheringIs There an Art to Fathering?
with Rob Schware

A structured conversation with fathers to look inside what it means to be a good dad, and provide a richer understanding of men’s struggles and joys in the roles of breadwinner and caregiver.

Date/Time:   September 19, Saturday. 9am to 11am
Location: Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, W. Dry Creek Pkwy., Niwot
Contact: Rob Schware, 303-652-0130
View Flyer: Art of Fathering Flyer

LawrenceMatthewsEssentials of Waldorf Eduction
with Lawrence Mathews

Two opportunities to attend a wonderful presentation on how the genius of Steiner’s Waldorf curriculum meets our children’s needs and spirit at each stage of development, and how creativity and the practical arts serve to harness the will.

Dates/Times:   September 28, Monday, 8:30 – 10:30am & September 29, Tuesday, 7:00 – 9:00pm
Location: Mary B. Winston Atrium of the Festival Hall
Contact: Mary Fairfield

biodynamic-farmingPrinciples for Regenerative Agriculture: Nurturing a New Partnership with Nature
with Beth and Nathan Corymb, Cristina Geck, Cameron Genter, Daphne Kingsley, Kirk Mills, and Dennis Stenson

A weekend workshop bringing together six experienced biodynamic farmer educators from our very own High Plains Region for sessions on the inner development of the farmer, biodynamic perspectives on the co-evolution between earth and humanity, and innovative principles to nurture a new partnership with nature.

Dates/Times: October 9, Friday, 7 – 9pm, October 10, Saturday, 8am – 5pm & October 11, Sunday, 9am – 2pm

Details: View Location and Register for all or part of the workshop.
View Flyer: Regenerative Agriculture Flyer

dyingwishThe Art of Sacred Death Care: Natural Transitions Workshop
with Karen Van Vuuren

A film screening of “Dying Wish” on Friday evening, followed by a Saturday workshop to educated and empower you in environmentally conscious, home-based, family-directed after-death care, honoring the cycle of life as our ancestors did.

Dates/Times: November 13, Friday, 7pm – 9pm – Public Talk
November 14, Saturday, 9am – 3pm with lunch break noon to 1pm

Location: High School Assembly Hall
Fee: Donation Friday, Workshop Fee TBD
Contact: Karen Van Vuuren

ClaudiaMcLarenLainsonAnnual Holy Nights Address
with Claudia McLaren Lainson

William Bento will be deeply missed this year for his annual Holy Nights address. Claudia McLaren Lainson has graciously stepped in to continue this wonderful tradition of preparing us for this most sacred time of year.

Date/Time: December 15, Tuesday. 7pm – 9pm
Location: 369 Orange Drive in Boulder Meadows, N. Boulder
Fee: $85 – Includes nourishing lunch and Holy Nights Journal
Location: High School Assembly Hall
Fee: $10
Contact:  Kim Marie, 303-443-1617