Parent Enrichment Events

The Parent Enrichment committee works to bring programs to inform our community about the the profound philosophy behind Waldorf education and anthroposophy in general, as well as support on the parenting journey. Over the course of the year, programs are offered which are geared to parents of all ages of students.

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When Teens Awaken, Who Will Be There? with Claudia Lainson

Tuesday March 10 | 7-9pm in the High School Assembly Hall

Join us for this engaging presentation on the precarious state of adolescents in a culture gone mad.  In this age of increasing technological demands, advancements, and “virtual community,” our teens struggle to find their identity, create true human-centered connection, while tempted to navigate social-networking minefields, often at their detriment and peril.  The greater the spiritual capacities our new generations carry, the more urgent it is that they meet educators who can  draw forth the profundity of the biographical mysteries they bear.  How do we midwife genius?  How do we compete with the luring enticements effortlessly delivered through technology? The change before us demands that we have the courage to ask these hard questions.

Claudia McLaren Lainson is a teacher and Therapeutic Educator. She has been working in the field of Anthroposophy since 1982, when she founded her first Waldorf program in Boulder, Colorado. She lectures nationally on various topics related to spiritual science, human development, the evolution of consciousness and the emerging Christ and Sophia mysteries of the twenty-first century.

In Support of Learning: Learning Differences in the Waldorf Setting with Dee Coulter

Friday April 17 | 7-9pm Mary B Winston Atrium (Festival Hall)

With increasing numbers of children learning differently and being identified with special needs, we need enhanced tools for parenting and supporting our children’s learning in the Waldorf setting.  We will explore current understandings of brain science and develop useful lenses through which to see our children’s learning obstacles as highly workable and often valuable challenges.  In this fresh light, it becomes much easier for parents and the school to provide a successful learning journey for our children and adolescents who need special support.

Whether you are exploring ways of meeting your child’s learning difference, you know a child who has been identified with a learning difference, or you are concerned about the impact of learning differences in the classroom setting, this conversation is for the entire community.

We will have ample time for discussion and questions, so please come with what puzzles you!

A Second Classroom: Parent-Teacher Relationships in a Waldorf School with Torin Finser

Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 6:00 pm, in the Ginny Boone Oppenheim Festival Hall at Denver Waldorf School  ($10 suggested donation)

If you would like to carpool to this event, please contact either of the following:

Mikala Beig, SVWS,
Heather Baines, SMWS,



Parent Handwork | Tuesdays at 8:45am | Community House Living Room

Stop by any Tuesday for fellowship and handwork. All experience levels welcome. We’ll have seasonal projects and supplies, or bring your own. Contact Kari Palazzari at

Wisdom of Fairy Tales  |Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00 AM
Begins September 17th

The eternal wisdom in fairy tales and their archetypes creates soul health and strength, and evokes the highest in everyone. Learn stages of earthly and spiritual development. Glean wisdom and re-sources to face challenges and develop-ment in everyday life. Contact Kim Marie 303-443-1617,

Sacred Parenting: Bringing Truth, Beauty & Goodness to Family Life
Mondays, 9:00-11:00 AM  | Begins September 22nd

We won’t do it perfectly, but we can do it nobly.  Develop skills and tools while connecting with others on the journey of sacred parenting. Consider how rhythm, routine, bedtimes, communication, nourishment and more can make a significant impact on your family life.  Understand your child and yourself more deeply for a joyful parenting experience. Contact Kim Marie at 303-443-1617,

Felting with Christine Summerfield
Beginning Friday, September 19th

Christine is offering a variety of Felting Courses throughout the fall semester.  Please see this link for full details, or contact Christine at 720-564-0381,  or

How to Know Higher Worlds Every Other Wed. 7-9pm  |Begins Oct. 1st, 1st Gr. Classroom

A conversational group inquiry into Steiner’s “How to Know Higher Worlds.” Open to all levels of experience, especially to find out more about anthroposophy. Steiner charts an inner meditative path that can lead us both to inner peace & to enhanced powers of soul.  Contact Tom Altgelt at 303.601.8601.