Parent Association

Our goal is to build a sustainable structure created by many hearts, hands and voices, with clarity of purpose, roles and processes that can be amended over time as we live and learn.

The underlying intention is simply to build stronger relationships, better understand each other’s needs and share information. The Parent Association (SMWS-PA) will provide a place for parents to support each other, support the work of the faculty and curriculum, make better use of energy and talents to get things done, and provide clearer channels of communication between parents, faculty, Board of Trustees, and administration.

We strive to be an organization that supports, educates and connects the parent body to the rest of the school.  We work in partnership with the faculty and the Board of Trustees to create a vibrant community.  Working together with the faculty and the board allows all three spheres of the school community to be stable and represent the needs of the community as a whole.

  • Work with the faculty to support parents in their need to know about Waldorf education and the workings of the school.
  • Support the school sense of community by holding social events for parents and families.
  • Share in joint problem solving around issues that affect the parent body.
  • Facilitate communication with parents by soliciting their input/feedback.
  •  Support parents’ involvement by promoting school volunteer opportunities.


  • Contribute to a positive and supportive learning environment for students and adults alike
  • Inspire and support parent and community participation and initiative in an effort to foster a strong sense of school community.
  • Create a stronger link and build a deeper sense of community between the Lower School and the High School
  • Facilitate clear and consistent communication between parents and the governing bodies of the school, while reinforcing the existing processes established at SMWS for addressing parent concerns, and the stated mission of SMWS


Parent Association Co-Chairs 2014-15: Elissa Langenegger, Laura Posusta, and Susan Hilliard

2014-15 Parent Association Leadership Team:

Parent Association Co-Chairs:

Susan Hilliard |

Elissa Langenegger |

Laura Posusta |

Parent Enrichment Committee Chair:  Heather Baines |

Welcome Committee Co-Chairs: Megan Saad & Sarah Remmert

Megan |

Sarah | |

Community Care Committee Chair: Alicia Gromicko |