Middle School Coaches


Head Coach: Sam Fenzel-Alexander


Head Coach: Lyndsay Morton

Assistant Coach: Denise Topping
Denise recently resigned for her management job to get back in the classroom and on the court.  Denise has a Master’s degree in Secondary education with an emphasis in History.  Denise has taught at Fort Lupton High School, for the St. Vrain public school district and at Boulder High.  She has been an assistant coach for the middle school volleyball team and looks forward to the head coaching role.


Head Coach: David James
David joins the SMWS team this year after coaching middle and high school girls volleyball and basketball the past three years in the Saint Vrain Valley school district. While growing up David has competed at some level in volleyball, basketball, triathlon, baseball, soccer, rock climbing, mountain biking, and even ping pong to name a few. In college he learned about his passion for teaching, so when the chance to coach presented itself this combination of sports and mentoring was a natural fit. He is excited about this opportunity to join such a supportive school with a great coaching community in helping develop the lives of the student athletes. Besides coaching, his main hobby is as an Aerospace Engineer at the University of Colorado.


Head Coach:

Assistant Coach:


Head Coach: Tyler Haughness

Tyler has been coaching at Shining Mountain since 2010. He has a great approach and bases his coaching on having fun first. “I stress controllable outcomes, and learning from experiences during competition as well as practice.” Other coaching experience includes revolution-running coaching adults in running and Multisport. He has also been a running coach for first descents a nonprofit for marathon and half marathon training. “This in addition to working with youth has been the joy and passion of my life.”

Assistant Coach:  Sam Fenzel-Alexander