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  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities that develop the will through resistance in daily artistic workshops. Each workshop is a five part series with morning and afternoon sessions Monday through Wednesday. Please indicate your top three choices of artistic workshops in order of your preference. Each activity will be limited to 12-15 participants. If your top choice is full, we will attempt to fit you into your second choice, etc.  You will submit your workshop choices when you complete your registration.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Stone Carving with Dan Diehl: In this workshop, you will select a piece of soapstone or alabaster to create an animal figure.  Chisels, rasps, and sandpaper will be used to create your form.  You will leave Boulder with a beautifully completed piece. The instructor is Daniel Diehl, who has taught 12th grade stone sculpture for 15 years at Shining Mountain. Dan's personal works include sculptures in marble, limestone, alabaster, and soapstone.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Basketry with Marilyn Fox: This is an introductory class in basketry. We will make a simple Market Basket. This is a basket that could be done with grades 3-12, if you would like to apply this workshop to your teaching. No previous experience is necessary to take part in this class. Everyone will leave with a finished basket. Limit 12 people.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Blacksmithing with Phil McMahon: In this workshop you will be introduced to the art and craft of blacksmithing. You will forge iron in useful pieces as hooks then into useful and decorative pieces as a spatula combining iron and copper. The workshop has the participants putting iron to the forge and hammering the soft red iron on an anvil. The anvil rings and the iron takes shape with each heating. The skill in blacksmithing is not in hitting the iron hard but hitting the iron "hard enough" and not more. Women as well as men are welcome to experience the heat, the fire and the anvil's ring.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Clay – Resistance, Rhythm and Form with Aonghus Gordon: Clay may be described as the summation of the end process of erosion. The journey of clay provides a touchstone for human imprint and intent, allowing deep emotional expression from the hand to the outer world. Whilst expressing human intent it at the same time mirrors back human imagination and practical skill. It forms an alchemy between matter, spirit and function.  In this workshop we will explore the principle of flow and resistance by allowing water to flow freely over a clay base in which human intention may support water toward a rhythmic pulse.  It is an experimental, collaborative dialogue between people, water and clay in which aesthetics and function emerge. Depending on time it may be possible to capture and formalize the rhythm into a flow form product. This would then allow many aspects of the upper school curriculum to be embedded.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Needle Felting: Four Seasons Tapestry with Christine Summerfield: Come explore the fun of needle felting with natural, wool fibers. Create your own round "wheel of the year" tapestry, expressing the colors, moods and activities of the four seasons. Bring your inner artist out to play. Fun. Easy. No experience necessary. All materials provided.

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Woodworking with Joe Mason: we will be making wood sculptures!

    WORKSHOP IS FULL Soap Making with Jonathan Cole: Hidden within this seemingly mundane everyday object are principles and processes that can speak to the human heart and mind in myriad ways. The soap maker engages the mineral, plant and animal realms in a practical transformative dialogue which leads, on the one hand, to the creation of a new product for enhancing well-being as well as evoking, on the other hand, pictures of personal transformation mirrored in the process of making. Soap making is a practical science through the arts which can inform the Waldorf curriculum  - including content and method – from kindergarden through to grade 12.

    Doll Making with Lisa Gromicko: Join us to make a heavy (weighted) bunting doll, using materials from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.  These dolls have a soothing effect when held and encourage tender play.  In addition to wool, they are filled with millet (with or without lavender essential oil).  Beginners are welcome.  Limit 12 people.

    Great Balls of Yarn! Knitting with Mary Beth Fifer: Never knit before, learned many years ago or still a beginner?  This is the class for you!  Together we will learn to cast-on and the knit stitch and even how to make your own knitting needles. With these two tools you are well on your way.  By the end of the conference you will bring home a hand knit kitty (or two!)

    Eurythmy with Sound Circle Eurythmy:  The Twelve Senses.....explore through eurythmy the twelve senses and their development through the seven-year cycles, from birth to adulthood. This workshop is intended to deepen your experience and understanding through your own instrument and as a practice for yourself.  Glenda Monasch is a therapeutic eurythmist in  private practice here in Boulder where she teaches in SMWS and is co-director of Sound Circle Eurythmy Training. She is the resident eurythmist for the training of physicians and nurses in Anthroposophical Medicine in the US and teaches in teacher trainings in the East Bay and Mexico.  Bring eurythmy shoes if you have them!

    Coppersmithing with Michael Janzen

    Singing with Your Whole Being with Ben Seidman: In this workshop, we will access our entire physical, emotional, and spiritual selves to create an exciting performance.  Simple songs become a vehicle for great expression when we approach singing in this way.

  • Pedagogical Section Meditation Workshop