“Will Through Resistance”
AWSNA Regional Educators’ Conference
With Aonghus Gordon and Jonathan Code
Hosted by Shining Mountain Waldorf School
February 17-20, 2013

This February, guest lecturers Aonghus Gordon and Jonathan Code will lead Waldorf educators in the TMSCR region in the exploration of the will through resistance. Aonghus and Jonathan will focus on practical education and how it is linked to the development of social capacities, ethical imagination, therapeutic work, self-transformation, and creative will.  Topics such as conscious acts, skill development, collaboration, transformation, and synthesis will be explored through the lectures, discussion groups, and practical art offerings each day. Interwoven in the offerings will be spatial dynamics and eurythmy as grammar of form. This conference will be a time for teachers to exercise their reflective practice as they engage in the process of the practical arts.

Aonghus Gordon is the Founder and Director of the Ruskin Mill Trust in Gloucester, UK. Born in Gloucester, he spent his formative years in Venice before attending Rudolf Steiner schools in the UK. Aonghus achieved a BA in Ceramics and History of Art followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1981 and a Masters of Education in 2012 (awarded Distinction). In 1982 he created the Ruskin Mill Arts and Crafts Centre and founded the Ruskin Mill Trust in 1996, In 2005 he was awarded the  Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK. Most recently, in 2012, Aonghus co-founded the Masters of Science in Practical Skills Therapeutic Education program with the Crossfields Institute and the University of the West of England. Aonghus delivers workshops and lectures internationally, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Aonghus’s spiritual intention is the opportunity of re-creation of culture from the inside out for young people who are in need of specialized educational re-integration. This intension is particularly informed by John Ruskin’s visionary picture of the renewal of culture through arts and Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual picture of human development.  At this year’s February Conference, Aonghus will lead the Clay Workshop, working with resistance, rhythm, and form (see the Workshops section for more information).

Jonathan Code is the Senior Education and Research Coordinator for the Hiram Education and Research Department of Crossfields Institute. He has a deep interest in Consciousness Studies, Western Esotericism, the natural sciences and education. These interests informed both his Bachelor’s degree (undertaken through the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco) and his MA (completed at Rudolf Steiner University College Oslo). Jonathan has taught practical chemistry, phenomenology and nature study to learners of all ages for many years, and he continues to teach at Ruskin Mill Trust Colleges, in biodynamic apprentice seminars and in other adult education settings both in the UK and abroad. At this year’s February Conference, Jonathan will lead the Soap Making Workshop (see the Workshops section for more information).


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