Pedagogical Section Meditation Workshop

This pre-conference workshop  is open to all!

Sunday, February 17th, 2:00-5:00pm


Download a PDF of an esoteric lesson here.

The Pedagogical Section Council, of the School of Spiritual Science of the Anthroposophical Society is hosting a pre-conference workshop.  We will explore a lecture Rudolf Steiner gave to the youth group as part of his esoteric teachings on March 12, 1913.  In reading this text, we will together look at how one can enliven and deepen the work of Anthroposophy in order to support the daily work in the classroom.  The driving question will be: how does this text inspire our daily work with the children?

Part of the workshop will be an introduction and invitation for individuals to consider and understand the First Class of Spiritual Science, providing a peek into the work of the first class.  The greater intention is to provide an opportunity for a deepening of one’s commitment to work with Anthroposophy and understand how that work can translate into teaching.

Those who are members can speak out of their own experience how enriching this work can be.

The workshop will be facilitated by First Class Reader Ina Jaehnig and joined by her colleague on the Pedagogical Section Council Judy Lucas.  It will be helpful but not necessary to read the lecture in advance.  Prior knowledge of Anthroposophy is required.