Sunday, February 17th | 7:00pm |Shining Mountain Festival Hall | $10
Practical Arts Education – Evening Public Lecture
Aonghus Gordon
Rudolf Steiner’s intent at making education practical is world renowned, however, in the drive for academic achievement, the link between movement, activity and social capacity is frequently lost and under threat. Ruskin Mill Trust has been researching practical skills methods for over thirty years. The insights from Ruskin Mill Trust and neuroscience corroborate Rudolf Steiner’s deep practical impulse for learning.

Tuesday, February 19th | 7:00pm | Shining Mountain Festival Hall | $10
Therapeutic Education – Evening Public Lecture

Aonghus Gordon
There is a growing interest in this transformative method of re-imagining potential in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia and the US. Over the course of the past 30 years, Ruskin Mill Trust has developed an innovative method of meeting the challenges of disrupted adolescent development in the UK. This pioneering response, the Practical Skills Therapeutic Education method, is based on an ethical sensitivity of ‘pulling’ the individual forward through the application of experiential and hand-based learning in which cognitive and emotional capacities are braided.

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