Special Appeal

Each year at our Annual Gala Fundraiser, Shining Mountain asks our community to contribute to a “Special Appeal” in order to fund discrete items that are outside our operating expenses, yet are needed to improve our campus, facilities or programs. In the past, our community has generously donated to the Special Appeal to purchase new desks on the lower school campus, Solar tubes natural lighting fixtures, two new school buses for athletics and field trips, as well as outdoor education and circus equipment for the middle school.

This past year’s Special Appeal at the Gala, entitled “The Snow Ball” raised total of $35,900. The focus for this year’s Special Appeal was supporting our Performing Arts Program which included our Music Program, Costume Department, Eurythmy and Theater Arts from Grades 1-12. The following upgrades and enhancements were purchased with the money raised:

• Upgraded Lighting System in the Festival Hall to support assemblies, plays, concerts, and Circus program.
• Upgraded Sound Boards and Sound Systems in our Festival Hall, High School Assembly Hall and outside.
• 30 Eurythmy costumes for Grades 1-3
• 30 Eurythmy costumes for Grades 4-8
• 10 custom made Medieval Costumes for the Middle and High Schools
• Fabric for new costumes across all grades
• Fabric Barriers with frames for acoustical and aesthetic enhancements in the Festival Hall for plays assemblies and concerts
• Curtains to cover the Festival Hall scoreboard.

The Special Appeal item is typically selected by the faculty each year, and is an item specifically chosen that will directly impact the children’s experience of the curriculum. This Special Appeal fundraiser is an opportunity for the community to come together in direct support our school and the children’s education.