Electronic Device1 Policy

The goal of this policy is to ensure that the use of cell phones and other electronic devices does not interrupt classes, and that the social health of the students is upheld and compatible with the school’s philosophy.

If a student is in violation of this policy, the electronic device will be taken and the student’s parent will need to pick it up at the end of the school day from the high school office.

The faculty reserves the right to stop a student’s electronic device, and/or to confiscate the device if it is deemed that it is being used inappropriately, excessively, or is not upholding the goals of this electronic device policy.


Guidelines for Device Use

  Outside HS building Hallways Classrooms Reception Area3 Lunchrooms4 LS campus and parking lot
Before 8:00

After 3:05

+ Only with permission of a teacher Only with permission of a teacher + NA NEVER
During Class X with permission
5 minute break between classes X with permission
15 minute break + +
Lunch break2 + + +

1    Electronic devices include cell phones, tablets, laptops, MP3 Players, iPods, game players, and other related devices.

2    Use during lunch must be school appropriate and not have a negative impact on others.

3    A device may be used briefly to arrange transportation in the reception area by the HS office, provided it does not disturb office business.

4    One lunchroom is a quiet room. Device use is allowed, but must be silent.