Apply for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Dear Prospective Parents,

As you continue with the admissions process, we hope that you will become more informed about the educational values and environment that are found at Shining Mountain. The Waldorf experience is unique in many ways, and it can bring something special to both your life and the life of your child.

Waldorf schools educate out of the insight that the cultivation of the imagination – through arts such as storytelling, puppetry, singing, instrumental music, drama, painting, drawing, and eurythmy – is essential for the unfolding of clear thinking and good judgment later in adolescence and adulthood. It also stresses the importance of imaginative play, rhythm in daily life, and the quality of the physical environment on a young child’s development.

You might notice that some of our practices and principles run counter to mainstream life. This is especially true in the area of media activities, such as TV, video/computer games, movies, DVDs, radio, IPODs, cell phones and electronic musical instruments. We will explain our philosophy and ask you to work with the teachers to eliminate media in the kindergarten and early grade school years. We will also be happy to speak with you regarding our philosophy around competitive sports for young children. If questions arise for you or you have reservations, please bring them to your interview or to the Admissions Office.

What follows are some of the ideals and practices that we ask you to consider:

  • Support the recommendation to protect children from regular contact to electronic media. Recent brain research shows that brain development is adversely affected by TV and media exposure up to age 11. Studies indicate that media experiences weaken a child’s strength, focus and creative energy, interfere with healthy social development, and weaken academic performance.
  • Create a rhythmical home life for your child, including regular sleeping hours, mealtimes and a balanced diet.
  • Attend parent evenings, parent education lectures, and school activities held throughout the year. These are central to your child’s success in school and provide a significant window into your child’s education and the classroom community in which this takes place.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School is a kindergarten through twelfth grade program. By upholding the above ideals, particularly in the early years, we believe we can achieve our long-term goal—to bring forth the unique possibilities of each child.


Mary Eaton Fairfield
Director of Admissions
Shining Mountain Waldorf School
999 Violet Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304