Welcome Alumni!

No matter where you live, our Shining Mountain Waldorf School alumni have a home here, and we hope that you will remain actively involved in the Waldorf community-your alma mater. Join us for events like Michaelmas, Winter Faire and Holiday Bazaar, the annual Gala, and much more! Visit the website often and keep us abreast of all of your accomplishments, as well as connect yourselves with the on-going growth and development of the Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

We are expanding a database of all our alumni, which will help everyone keep in touch so that you can meet up with old friends, share stories and memories, form groups based on common interests, help put us in contact with other SMWS alumni, and celebrate with us! It is our intention to have alumni class reunions and gatherings regularly. Make sure we have your most current contact information by filling out one of our mailing list forms. The online edition of Community Notes is sent out each month to over 300 alumni, alumni parents, former faculty, and friends with news and information about what’s happening at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

Of course nothing online can quite compare to visiting the campus in person. The Development and Alumni Relations Office is located on the second floor in the Community House across from the lower school campus; be sure to stop by! We hope to see you back at Shining Mountain Waldorf School soon!



Recent interviews with Alumni!

Barn Swallows, Beauty, and Biology – An interview with Iris Levin, class of 2001

Iris and barn swallow

What initially drew you in to pursuing Biology and Environmental Studies? (was it a former teacher, a “calling”, an interest in helping the planet and human beings, the interconnectedness of all things, or “just a whim?”)  I knew I wanted to study Biology in college, but I had my “ah ha!” moment in a class […]

Living Positive Action in a World of Change – Interview with Jordan Chase Jacobsen, class of 2001


Can you give us a brief overview of what transpired in your life post-SMWS? After graduating from SMWS in 2001, I attended Connecticut College, which has fantastic international opportunities that allowed me to study and intern for United Nations organizations in both Vietnam and Germany.  After graduating, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I worked […]

An interview with Gelsey Malferrari, class of 2001


Interviewed by SMWS alumna & current Alumni Coordinator, Nita DaVanzo From your time of graduation from SMWS in 2001 to now, where have your steps taken you?  Down some expected and some very unexpected paths. I started my college career at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. After a year of academics I was invited on […]

An interview with Devon Wyckoff, class of 2012


You graduated in 2012, can you fill us in on what adventures you have been on since that time? After graduating I went straight to college, attending CU Boulder as a film major. I stayed at CU for two years before transferring to a drama school here in New York City. I finished up at […]