Special Appeal 2017

Special Appeal 2017

This year’s Special Appeal is focused on two aspects of our transportation fleet:

  1. The addition of one school bus
  2. Branding of all three buses with the new SMWS logo

Over the past year, it became apparent that a significant need of the school at this time is an increased transportation fleet. Our thriving athletics program, ambitious outdoor education program, and dozens of field trips throughout the year all make heavy use of our two buses. Often there is a need to transport more than 28 students on a given day, which exceeds the combined seating capacity of our two buses.

Examples of SMWS Transportation Needs
There are many times throughout the year that both buses are filled with children from the three kindergartens to go to a performance or an experience such as the 1st grade hike at Chautauqua Park. The grades also tax the availability of our fleet with field trips that must be coordinated carefully with parent volunteers, as the lower school and middle school take field trips at the same time of year. The high school transportation needs range from athletics to field trips to senior solos, which can take the students up to 250 miles away. With the inability to seat all of the children needing transportation, often because of the lack of bus seating, we increase the number of parent drivers who are transporting students, which can be challenging at times.

Brand Strategy
Part of the strategic plan set in place by the Board of Trustees in 2015, was to create a Shining Mountain Waldorf School brand strategy that clearly defines our “story telling” approach to the world. Over the next year, that plan manifested and in January of 2017, our new brand was unveiled. Part of our strategic plan is also community engagement and mission recognition in the greater Boulder area.

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