Social Health

A Commitment to a Culture of Compassion and Inclusion

We, the teachers and staff of Shining Mountain Waldorf School, are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, secure, and loving environment for all. We recognize that conflict is a normal human experience through which we discover our values and a sense of self and the other. Through an active dialogue with one another that respects the innate wisdom of the group, we can develop the skills necessary to promote safe and helpful behaviors and to value the participation of each community member.

The faculty of Shining Mountain Waldorf School and the institution as a whole are committed to ongoing development of skill and expertise in dealing with issues that could undermine the building of a Culture of Compassion and Inclusion. We will continue to adapt and refine our policies and interventions so that they are effective and instrumental in establishing this Culture of Compassion and Inclusion.

We use the Social Inclusion work pioneered by Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting and other titles, as our primary social and emotional educational process. Our Middle School teachers also use PassageWorks, and we work with a psychologist specializing in work with adolescents as needed in the High School.

Our approach is to give teachers and older students the tools to assist children in learning how to relate to others in a healthy way. The Social Health Group (SHG), headed by the Social Health Chair, provides training for teachers. In addition, members of the SHG work with trained High School and Middle School Students in the Social Action Committee. When social difficulties arise because of learning difficulties, our Educational Support Center staff members provide appropriate assessments, referrals, and support for students in need.

Social Health Group members conduct an in-service training to their colleagues. Shining Mountain Waldorf School is committed to maintaining a healthy, inclusive social environment. Photo by: Joshua Berman



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