Our Program

What is true education?

True education is much more than simply imparting information.

Love. Awe. Devotion. Compassion. Trust. The ability to recognize beauty; to discriminate between right and wrong; to carry out a chosen course of action. These are the qualities consciously cultivated at Shining Mountain Waldorf School from early childhood through adolescence.

Shining Mountain’s well-rounded academic curriculum, enlivened by the arts, music, movement, and world languages, provides a learning environment that fosters creativity and healthy social interactions. As you explore the many facets of this rich curriculum, you will see that the experiences at Shining Mountain are about transformation – the gradual unfolding of faculties and capacities which take the individual beyond tradition and the conventions of our time.

Today’s students will become tomorrow’s initiators of cultural progress. We believe that a lifelong love of learning and a curiosity to ask deep questions are vital to this process. Our graduates leave school with clear, independent thinking; feelings of empathy and creative activity; and ultimately a strength of will that propels them toward moral courage and social responsibility.