11th Grade Project Week | by Paula Blum, 11th Grade co-sponsor


11thgrade-projectweek2SMWS 11th graders spent three nights at Mueller State Park, in Divide, Co for their project week this year, accompanied by Dr. Mathews, Frau Blum, and Coach Tyler Haughness. This year, for the first time, the 11th graders were split into groups and they did all the planning, shopping and cooking for their meals. This was a great learning experience.

On Wednesday, the 11th graders volunteered with CUSP (Coalition for the Upper Platte) at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. With the hot sun beating down on them, they spent the day getting rid of grass that was growing in the middle of the trail. By the end of the day, they had completed about 1/3 mile of trail. On Thursday, the 11th grade volunteered at the camping ground. They spent the whole day painting fences. This was less taxing than the day before, but several of them had sore arms by the end of the day!

Both organizations were very pleased with the work the 11th graders completed. One of the supervisors from CUSP told the group that not only was he impressed with the way they worked. He was also very impressed how well they all worked together. He was amazed at their supportive attitude, something he doesn’t see very often when he is supervising groups.

On Friday morning, the 11th grade went on solos. In the closing circle, some of their words for the week were “relaxed”, “contented” and “peaceful.” They were glad to have had a few days where they were out in nature, connecting with each other.