A Night to Remember | By Donna Remmert, Shining Mountain Grandparent


The Farm to Table 7th grade fundraising dinner on May 15th was enchanting for my husband Jim and me, grandparents to Grace Remmert. In spite of the cold weather and threatening rain, or maybe because of it, it was a marvelous event, full of many special touches:

While waiting for the bus at the school, we listened to classical music played by a few members of the school’s orchestra, and we were offered delicious appetizers on a silver tray that were made and served by smiling 7th graders. At the Light Root farm, we stepped onto straw bales and hoisted ourselves into a wagon pulled by two of the horses that reside at the farm. On our way up the hill, we marveled at a 3-day old, wobbly-legged calf following his proud mother in a field where they were grazing. Even before seeing our party site, the aroma of cooking food and the spirited bluegrass music wafted through the air to announce that we’d arrived.

It was magical! There were candle-burning lanterns hanging from the trees, toasty-warm bonfires and an outdoor oven that was about to be loaded with pizzas made with an assortment of organic veggies, meats and the farm’s homemade cheese. Our tables were dressed with real tablecloths, real plates and real cutlery, luxurious yet comfortably casual.

A team of beautiful and hard-working seventh graders wearing colorful aprons served us an amazing assortment of “mocktails” and some really impressive appetizers that they’d made. Then, while sharing stories with the kids, their teachers, parents and grandparents, we feasted on the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever tasted, straight from the oven and still bubbling.

In between dinner and a very yummy fruit cobbler dessert and homemade ice cream from the farm, I couldn’t resist getting up to dance. I wasn’t the only one. I think our hearts were overflowing with a sense of good fortune for being a part of Shining Mountain, a school that is so alive with love. As a grandparent, it confirmed that yes, all’s right with the world.

Thank you to the kids who served us, the parents and teachers who helped, and to the generous farmers who welcomed us on their land.

Photo Credits: Kevin Rose, Zuri Rose, Mary Fairfield, Kylie Booth