Board Moves | by Mark Feigal, Board of Trustees Member


mark-feigalThis month Mark Evans and Debbie Brown are stepping down from the Board of Trustees.  We give them our deepest gratitude for their service over the years.  Debbie led the School Director Search Task Force last year, and this year has served on the School Director Review Committee and the Compensation Task Force.  We also thank Debbie for her work on the board and serving as Board President some years ago. 

In past years Mark served as Board Treasurer and served on the Executive Committee and was the chair of the Finance Committee.  This year Mark chaired the Strategic Planning Task Force, helping us to complete our strategic plan.  Even though Mark is stepping off the board, he will continue to chair the Campus Development Task Force.  We thank Mark for his dedication and service to the board.

In the December meeting Kirstin Gillespie was voted on the board.  Kirstin has children in the first and third grades.  We welcome her to the Board.