Board of Trustees Notes and Votes | April 2016


At 4/19/16 BOT Meeting

  • Lorraine Fairmont attended Community Speaking Time to speak about scheduling.
  • Approved minutes from 3/8/16 Board meeting by consensus vote.
  • Received update from Michael Moore regarding planning for upcoming HS parent meetings.
  • Received update from John Marr for Campus Development Committee. The committee is in the process of issuing a RFP for Real Estate and Development Plan Consultant Services. A selection is expected by May 20.
  • Received update from Andy Wyckoff-Judson for Finance Committee. Vote: FC recommends that the BOT approve the use of up to, but not to exceed $50k from the Restricted Bond Proceeds account which has the previously unallocated capital funds from the 2009 bond to pay for a development consultant to support the Campus strategic plan as defined in the RFP. Due to the long term goal of increasing operating reserves, the FC recommends when a property is sold the funds be returned to the operating reserve. FC recommendation was passed by consensus vote.
  • Received update from Jane Zeender regarding status of BOT committees and possibilities for recruitment to fill strategic gaps.

Following the Board meeting, all members of the BOT attended the presentation given by Karen Steinhauser. Ms. Steinhauser is a former Denver prosector, and is currently a law professor at the University of Denver and criminal defense attorney. The presentation and Q&A addressed a number of areas: drugs, alcohol, harassment, and social media issues.