Board of Trustees Notes and Votes for January 2016



  • Roger and Fiona Theodoredis, Lorraine Fairmont, Tra-Ling Tu presented at Community Speaking Time.
  • Received update from Mark Evans, Chair of Campus Development Committee. Strategic Plan will be presented at the All School Community Meeting, Thursday, January 14, 2016.
  • Approved minutes from 12/8/15 and 12/15/15 Board meetings by consensus vote.
  • Received update from Finance Committee. Audit has been released to the community, available on school website. Financial statements through November have been reviewed and we are tracking with the budget.
  • Approved setting of tuition with 2.5% increase over 2015-16 by consensus vote.
  • Created final plan and set agenda for All School Community Meeting, 1/14/16.