Board of Trustees Notes and Votes | March 2016

Board of Trustees Notes and Votes for March 2016

At BOT Meeting on March 8, 2016

● Approved minutes from 2/9/16 Board meeting by consensus vote.

● Received update from Mark Evans, Chair of Campus Development Committee. A preliminary meeting took place on 3/7/16 with 15 interested individuals, both from within and outside of our community, to discuss next steps. The Board passed by consensus vote to authorize the Campus Development Committee to solicit three bids to hire a Development Consultant for this project.

● Received update from John Marr for Audit Committee. The Audit Committee has met with the current auditor looking towards next year. The target date for next year’s audit is September (preliminary), final by October. The Board passed by consensus vote to authorize the Audit Committee to reengage Altruic Advisors for the 2015-16 fiscal year audit.

● Received update from John Marr for Finance Committee. We are on track for mid-year budget. It is likely that we will be under budget by end of year due to higher than expected enrollment. The Board is in agreement that there is a need for increased Development leadership at the BOT level.

● Received update from Jane Zeender, School Director, regarding Tution Assistance. The majority of TA has been granted, with some funding being held back for end of summer and mid-year enrollments.

● The Board passed by consensus vote to welcome Brian Buckley as a Trustee.

At additional BOT meetings on March 9, 2016:

● The Executive Committee of the Board ( Jane Zeender, School Director; Will Paradise, President; John Marr, Vice President; Andy Wyckoff Judson, Treasurer; Beth Leuchten, Secretary) met with Pat Bassett for a training on the topic of principle-based decision making and successful governance. After serving as president of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) for 12 years, Pat is now a senior consultant to schools and organizations on issues such as leadership, governance and strategy.

● The full Board was joined by several teachers and senior staff members of the school, for an additional evening training with Pat Bassett on the topic of how to elevate the functioning of the Board team.