Community School, Community Leadership

Community School, Community Leadership  By Michael Shaun Conaway, Board of Trustees Member

MSConawayWaldorf schools stand at the intersection of education and community in a way that few other schools can.   Shared purpose and values create an environment in which families can come together for community, centered on helping our children grow up to be whole adults that have the ability to contribute to the world in making it a better place for all.

To achieve this aim, Shining Mountain relies on a shared accountability for leadership coming from the faculty, administration, parents and alumni/alumni parents. Faculty leadership comes from the Governance Council, a small group of teachers that guide pedagogical decisions in the school.   The school director is accountable for the operations of the school, including finance and human resources. These two bodies form the strong core of the school leadership.

Parent and alumni leadership comes in the form of participation in the work of the committees of the school from parent enrichment to marketing.   Parents who are interested in volunteering for committee work can fill out the annual volunteer form or can contact a committee chair directly. Parents can also participate in leadership by attending class parent meetings and the all school Community Meetings.

The Board of Trustees is place where each of the leader bodies comes together to determine the strategic direction of the school and to oversee the schools finances.

Shared leadership accountability inside a community is a collaborative effort with each leadership group contributing their vision, taking action aligned with the strategy and vision of the school and trusting in the other leadership groups to do the same.

It truly takes a village to run a school. We need each and every one of us to sustain a healthy, thriving school while it is in our care.