Contacting the Board of Trustees | by Michael Shaun Conaway

MSConawayOne of the biggest commitments for the Board of Trustees this year is to have free flowing and transparent dialogue with the larger school community: parents, faculty, staff and alumni. Many of you have questions or things you want to contribute to the board and we encourage you to reach out to us.

Traditionally there have been three ways to reach out to the board. The first way is to come to a board meeting and present during community time. This happens for the first 15 minutes of the meeting and any community member is allowed to present. We request that you reach out to Beth Leuchten, Board Secretary if you would like to present to the board.

The second way is to join our All School Community Meetings. And the third is to sit down for coffee with a board member.   Each of these ways of communicating with the board have us mostly listening to you, as we shared in our post Curious Experience of Speaking to the Board.

Today we are pleased to announce a new way to contact the board. We now have an “Ask the Board” page on our SMWS website. You can click on the link here or you can find the page on Our School/Board of Trustees.

Every month we will collect these questions, comments or acknowledgments and address them in our Notes From the Board of Trustees blog posts. Community members can personally sponsor questions and conversations or can remain anonymous in these blog posts.

Naturally there are some questions that are covered by confidentiality and legality. If you have a question that falls into that category we will reply privately with an appropriate answer – protecting confidentiality.

We sincerely hope that the whole community participates in dialogue with the board. Transparency and participation go hand in hand.