“German Day” at CU Boulder | by Paula Blum

On Wednesday February 10th, all SMWHS German students participated in “German Day” at CU Boulder. During this day of German immersion, the students took part in interactive workshops which were led by the German TAs and graduate students. They watched film clips from a selection of German films and then acted out what happened next. In a game of Jeopardy, they answered questions about German history, geography, the economy and food. They were journalists at an art gallery opening of Gustav Klimt’s works and wrote a description of one of the paintings. They toured the CU campus and heard about the architecture of some of the buildings. Hanni Geist from DAAD ( German exchange service) told them about how they can study in Germany for free. Lastly, they interviewed Stefan Biedermann, the German Vice­ Konsul.

Our SMWHS students were complimented on their high standard of German, their willingness to join in and their creativity during the activities. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and are thankful to Dr Berit Jany and her team of helpers at CU Boulder for organising the German Day.

Paula Blum, MS and HS German teacher


Photo by P. Blum­ | Emma Schaefer, Abby Leuchten and Eliza DuBose