High School Spring Experience Week: Mapping our Community | By Sophie Fairmont, Class of 2018


Shining Mountain High School offers many opportunities like Spring Experiences. This year, one Spring Experience offering was to explore the community and make meaningful connections through volunteer work. We started our week off with a talk from Alyssa from the Volunteer Resource Center at CU. There we learned about the continuum of service. Later in the week we adventured to Building 61 in the Boulder Public Library. Building 61 offers free resources to create items on either a laser or 3D printer. Each student in the group created their own puzzle. While we were in the library, we also had the chance of visiting the teen space. This room is created for teens to come and get help, create projects, use the green screen, record music, do art projects, and many more activities. On our last day we had a very eye opening moment at the Bridge House. The Bridge House is a place where homeless people can get back on their feet. The people who run it give them the opportunity to get a job, have a safe place to sleep, eat three meals a day, and become part of a caring community. It was amazing for each and every one of us to see how people can turn their life around with a little extra help. Later that day we took the bus over to the Pleasantview fields, there we planted 21 trees. Even though it was a little challenging, we learned to work together to provide a cleaner and more inviting place for our community to enjoy. Overall, we each learned to be grateful for what we have. It was an amazing way to gain perspective of the lives of others in our own community.