How To Bring Something To The Board
By Mark Feigal, Board of Trustees Member

mark-feigalIf you think you have something to bring to the board, the first thing to do is to make sure that your topic is the right kind of thing for the board to consider.  The board holds fiduciary and strategic responsibility for the school.  The role of the board is intentionally removed from the day-to-day operations of the school, which lie with the School Director in collaboration with the Governance Council of the faculty.  

Typical topics would include those of strategic significance that you feel would help the school realize it’s mission and vision that the school might not yet be recognizing.  Others might include things that you think would help the school’s long-term financial viability.  

If you have something that you think fits these kinds of topics, there are several ways that the board and the community interface:

1.  The first 15 minutes of each board meeting is available for any community member to address the board on any topic relating to the school.  If you are going to use this community time, we would appreciate you contacting the board ahead of the meeting so we can put you on the agenda.  The board agendas are packed full for three hour meetings and we usually only have time for a couple of people to present during community time.  Please contact Beth Leuchten, Board Secretary if you would like to present to the board. 

2.  Community Meetings.  The board will hold all community meetings three times per year in a collaborative conversation about the present state of the school and future direction.  This is an opportunity to share your questions and interface with the board.

3.  You are always welcome to speak with a board member directly.  Board members are always available for coffees and oriented to help you find the right person to answer questions that you might have. 

The board is always interested in input from the community.  You may submit a question or comment to the board through our online “Contact the Board” form.   A great way to interface is to join one of the committees.  Fill out our online volunteer form, talk to Jane Zeender or any board member (see list here) about possible committee involvement!