HS Back to School Picnic – Monday, August 28, 2017


We did it! A not-so-old model of community activity was picked up and dusted off in the high school this season, and we, students, parents, faculty and staff, were all the beneficiaries of a great back-to-school gathering on the high school field last evening. It was a beautiful evening and the “vibe” was uplifted! This impulse to reinvigorate the feeling of “connection, togetherness and fun” among the various constituencies of the high school came from a small group of parents last spring, and it didn’t take anything other than an invitation to have high school staff and faculty on board, committed to doing what they could to supporting the endeavor, as well. It was a collective effort with happy and widespread results that we’ll encourage and offer again and again throughout the school year.

Besides being a great opportunity to see old friends and meet many new ones through conversation and games, another result that came out of the planning for this endeavor is the newly formed High School Parent Engagement Committee. This committee now exists as a platform for any parents of Shining Mountain’s high schoolers to periodically meet with our Administrator, Leigh Hill, and help in the planning and execution of several events throughout the year, all aimed at supporting parents across the high school grades to get together regularly or sporadically (whatever your own schedule will allow) for relaxed social time. Together, we’ll plan for events both on and off-campus, some with the faculty, some with the students, and some “just for us”.

The high school years are fast and furious! Slowing down and making time to connect with each other and check-in on how life is going with our blossoming teens is remarkably rewarding. Our children will see us making the effort to be in community with one another, supporting one another, and then they too will be more likely to make those forays into relationships that might not otherwise come so easily. It’s a valuable and delightful way to continue to share our stories on this Waldorf journey together. No matter how old our children are, they continue to look to all of the adults in their lives for inspiration on leading a life well-lived. Continued community participation and engagement is a goal we can all strive to remain committed to, even in the high school years.

Thank you to the parents, faculty and staff who were so instrumental in the co-creation and success of this back-to-school event, particularly Leigh Hill, Lawrence Mathews, Sarah Novotny, Keith Fairmont and Radha Schwaller. Thank you to all of the high school faculty for showing up and playing games with all of us! The bean bags, frisbees and footballs were flying! We are truly indebted and grateful to the teachers and administrators who always go the extra mile to support our school’s mission and vision, and to support our children and families.

Join the fun! If you’d like to participate in the discussions about events, or serve on the committee to help plan and prepare for upcoming High School Parent Engagement Committee socials, please contact Latané Hill.

Our apologies for not having an accompanying photo; all participants in this (Zero-Waste!) event were engaged in person-to-person activities that precluded the use of cell phones (cameras) as a means to document the moment!

Latané Hill
303-939-9105 (H)
303-810-3470 (C)