Leadership Academy for the Class of 2016 by Dr. Leslie Hamdorf

LeslieHamdorfFor the first time, our High School had Leadership Academy to support the exploration of leadership, community building, goal setting, next steps with senior project and moving forward with college applications with the current senior class. As the 9th-11th grade students headed off on Project Week, the Class of 2016 were tasked to explore concepts like Success 3.0, Powerpoint, Public Speaking, Family Connection, and their own Super Power.

The Leadership Academy began on Tuesday, September 8th with an opening talk led by Michael Shaun Conaway. The conversation challenged the seniors to think about what Success 3.0 might look and feel like to them. Students also participated in a team building exercise about perspective by using images from the book Zoom. The days moved on with the students participating in a Jeffersonian style lunch exploring critical questions about leadership, uncommon relationships, and community. The afternoon was left open for workshop, where students could pick to work on his/her senior project, college applications, or college essays. We concluded the week with a trip to the University of Colorado’s Low and High Ropes Challenge. With plenty of smiles and even some butterflies in their stomachs, every senior was able to climb the 30 foot pole, one of the final challenges, with another classmate.   If you see a member of the Class of 2016 on campus, I encourage you to ask them how they thought the week went, talk to them about Success 3.0 and even ask them about their Super Power. Who knows, maybe they will help you discover your own!

The High School Leadership Group and High School Faculty will support the seniors throughout the year in reaching the goals they developed at the Leadership Academy. Conversations and activities will continue during their class meetings, individual casual conversations and during the Senior Leadership Academy class that will take place during the third quarter.