Middle School Climate Strike Day | by Meg Gardner, Seventh Grade Teacher


What is the most important issue of our time?  This was the question asked of our Shining Mountain Middle School students by a 15-year-old Earth Guardian named Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.  Xiuhtezcatl is the brother of Itzcuauhtli Martinez, a seventh grader at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

Their answer: Climate Change.

Climate change is creating the most intense impact on plants, animals, and humans today.  Humans are the root cause of this change that is so rapidly altering our planet and yet, we also have the potential to be the most influential and transformative factor in this movement.  Each of us, even middle-school-aged students, hold the capacity for this change.

We are powerful.

We have a voice.

We have the ability to create change.

This was the message we heard from Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauhtli.  This month, Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauhtli joined leaders from 147 countries to meet in Paris for the Climate Change Summit.  Their goal is to create international pacts, extending the Kyoto Agreements, and limit every countries’ contribution to climate change.

On Monday November 30th, we joined our seventh grade student Itzcuauhtli, by voicing our hope and intention for sustaining our planet.  The Shining Mountain middle school students gathered to speak about our love for this earth and what we hoped to never lose through climate change.  We also brainstormed all the ways we could individually make a difference in our own lives to help the earth.

These messages, inked on ribbons, were displayed before the school.  These ribbons were then sent to Paris, where Itzcuauhtli and Xiuhtezcatl  joined them with the thousands of pledges from around the world on the Tree of Life. 

We are proud to share our voices of love, hope, and intention with the Paris Climate Change Summit.  We hope our voices are heard by the international leaders and can form the intentions to create a healthy and sustainable world for us and for our future generations.