Thank you Germany!

In January, 12th graders from the German class sat their DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) speaking test  in front of  three examiners. They spoke for about 20 minutes on a theme they had prepared and a totally new theme. At the end of the test, Irene Mrazek, the German advisor from ZfA (Central Agency for German Schools Abroad), presented each student with a DVD about studying in Germany and a book of fairytales in German. Then she brought in class sets of books to help students in following years to prepare for both the DSDI and the DSDII  exams. She had also brought maps and books about Germany. The German students, Frau Blum and Frau Zeller say, “ Danke schön, Deutschland!”

~Paula Blum, HS and MS German teacher

Photo by Paula Blum: High school students and the German teaching materials