Shining Mountain Athletics | Beautiful New Gymnasium Floor
by Mike Hawkes, Athletic Director

mikehawkesAfter nearly 20 years we decided to completely refinish the gym floor in the Festival Hall. First came the design process. After attending a basketball camp at the University of Wyoming, we obtained our inspiration and a two tone design was born. The idea was to show off the natural beauty of the wood while adding visual interest in the overall design. Next came the actual work. Various crews performed sanding (down to bare wood), striping (the application of the lines and stripes to the floor, a very mathematical process), followed by the application of the lettering and artwork. The lion at center court appears to be an inlay, a testament to the artistry. The student athletes and the entire athletic department could not be happier with the results. 

Our gym is a shining example of the pride we have in our school, not only to our community, but to every visitor that enters the Festival Hall. The new floor also adds to the safety of our student athletes. After nearly two decades of skim coats being applied, the floor never really achieved the “stickiness” necessary for optimum playing conditions. Come visit the gym for a home game and take in the beauty of the space, as well as to cheer for our amazing teams.