Shining Mountain Awarded Green Star Business Rating

Eco-Cycle-GSB-Ad-July-2015_Daily-Camera-Ad-8-6-15Shining Mountain Waldorf the First Private School in Boulder to Be Awarded Green Star Business Rating

A prominent national environmental group has recognized Shining Mountain Waldorf School as the first private school in Boulder to be awarded its Green Star Business rating.

Eco-Cycle, Inc., a large Boulder-based nonprofit that has also been offered curbside recycling in Boulder County for the past 30 years, announced Shining Mountain as one of eight area businesses currently holding Green Star Business rating Friday in a large ad in the Daily Camera, a daily newspaper in Boulder. Shining Mountain Waldorf School has held the distinction of a Green Star rating since 2011, when it originally received Green Star status through Eco-Cycle—the first private school in Boulder to achieve Green Star rating.

The non-profit environmental group, long recognized as an innovator in resource conservation, also awarded eight other Boulder-based businesses with its coveted “Green Star Business” rating including Ocean First, Bhakti Chai, Boulder Brands, Boulder Housing Partners, DOJO4, Vermilion, SanDisk and SparkFun Electronics.

The Green Star Business (GSB) program commits to a sustainable cycle of zero waste, where “there is no such thing as ‘waste’ because materials are kept in the production cycle.” In the case of Shining Mountain, students are already accustomed to composting their food waste or donating it to the school’s chickens.

Elizabeth Plumb, a GSB specialist at Eco-Cycle, congratulated Shining Mountain on the coveted Green Star Business rating.

“The school has a sustainable lunch container program and purchases 100 percent recycled-content, non-toxic, local products from vendors that promote sustainability at every opportunity,” reads a release on the Eco-Cycle website. “Committed to environmental stewardship and a member of Eco-Cycle’s Green Star Schools program, locally run Shining Mountain Waldorf School is increasing their already-stellar sustainability efforts.”

Mary Eaton Fairfield, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Shining Mountain Waldorf School, said the school was very pleased to be recognized as the only Boulder private school to be granted Green Star Business status, “Environmentalism is in line with the school’s curriculum and emphasis on learning through nature.”

“It is important for us as educators to be an example in the world and to the students we teach about the critical importance of the care and guardianship of our planet,” Fairfield said. “We want to keep developing a strong network of like-minded businesses through the Eco-Cycle program, thus increasing our sustainability outreach not only in the school community, but in the greater Boulder community, as well.”

Fairfield said being a part of the Eco-Cycle Green Star Business program means having a partner in the community to help the school gain new, innovative sustainable building ideas.