The Community Meeting

The Community Meeting  By Jane Zeender, Board of Trustees Member, School Director

jane_zeender2015This year we are reinventing the Shining Mountain Community Meeting.   Traditionally this meeting has been a time to come and meet the board, administration and faculty and hear about the state of the school and the goals for the year. This year the focus of the community meeting will be to come together and share our passion for Shining Mountain and ideas about the future of the school.

Our goal is to have 100% representation for all of the families in the school, with at least one parent attending.

A Waldorf School is not only a place to send your kids every day to learn to read, write, and know their math facts, but it is a living community of like-minded people who are together striving to support our children in becoming balanced, healthy, human beings with the capacity to think imaginatively, communicate effectively, relate compassionately, and take initiative to effect healthy change in the world (our vision). As adults, we help our children achieve this vision by modeling these capacities in our adult community and striving together to support the mission and vision of the school and its leaders.

To do this well we all have to become stewards of Shining Mountain.   Good stewardship starts with us all understanding and taking ownership of the school’s mission and vision.

From there we need to engage and be an active member of the social life of the school community. Finally, together we support the school’s policies that support the children’s educational experience.

All this starts at the three community meetings. So we want you all to come and learn more about how to support the mission of the school, and to work side by side with the faculty, staff, and other parents to envision the future of the school.


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