The Halloween Wonder Walk: Once Upon a Time in the Shining Kingdom

The Halloween Wonder Walk is a reverent, inwardly stirring event created for young children―that no one is too old to enjoy! This magical event is a gift to the children of our school and local community by the parents and faculty of Shining Mountain Waldorf School. It was created for the young child as an alternative to the popular experience of modern culture.

The journey of the imagination in the curriculum at Waldorf schools begins in the lower grades with stories and fables about fantasy creatures such as gnomes and fairies. The Halloween Wonder Walk mirrors this aspect of the Early Childhood curriculum and brings it to life―taking pictures and stories and then enlivening them through word, song and theater. Every year, the Wonder Walk travels through the magical Shining Kingdom. As the children are guided from each wondrous creation to the next, their imagination is sparked and their inner light is kindled. They are greeted by various dwellers of the realm who share with them words of love, compassion and inner courage. This is a powerful message for our youngest visitors to take into the winter season.

We invite you to journey through the Shining Kingdom here in a visual story created by Storyworks:


More images from Halloween Wonder Walk 2015: