“Wethering” it In Style – An Interview with Rustin Coburn, class of 1999

rustinIn one to two sentences, describe what you do.

I come up with new ideas, and then try to execute on those ideas. Some of them end up turning into projects, companies, organizations, and products that work. I try to always build things that matter and make this world a little bit better.

As we certainly both remember ever so well, our time at Waldorf was filled with stories, myths, fables and biographies. If you were to look back on the myths, legends and more we learned about, which story or stories do you feel you resonate most with today?

Oh wow… I wish I had a better memory. It sounds cliché but I have always resonated with both Leonardo Da Vinci and Abraham Lincoln. I connect with Da Vinci for his creativity and ingenuity, and with Lincoln for his tenacity and hard work.

If you were to give your life story a title today, what might it be? (First thought = best thought!)

The Unexpected and Endless Curiosity

Name 5 qualities or traits in other people that are most important to you.

  • Free Thinking
  • Wit
  • Hard Work
  • Love
  • Honesty

When you think back on your years at SMWS, what memories first come to your mind?

Some of the most prominent memories I still have, would be the “Main Morning Lessons” with the whole class, both during grade school and high school. Not until later in life did I realize how special that time was… every day of every year, all learning together and building deep into each subject. Those were great memories.

What inspires you today? OR – why do you do what you do (work / life / more)?

The amazing people I have the privilege to know and experience life with inspire me every day. I am also inspired to constantly explore better ways to live a life of the highest potential. How do we optimize the human experience, while also making the world a better place? How do we balance living a great life every day, as opposed to always living for the future?

I believe we are blessed to live in the best time ever… we have more awareness, knowledge, and resources then we ever have. However, we are also faced with some serious, serious global issues that are threatening to destroy everything. We get this opportunity to actually solve the world’s largest problems… how exciting and crazy is that? So if we are not putting our efforts, and our work, towards solving these problems (even in a small daily way), then what is the point?

You are a teacher yourself now in many ways (whether as guide, business coach,  mentor or other). How would you describe your teaching style?

I listen, learn, and guide. I probably take a slower approach then most, which has a lot to do with empowering someone’s own internal energy and their fire for life. Most of my time as a mentor and teacher is spent sharing and developing strategies on how to better live an intentional life, full of purpose both in work, relationships, and personal time.

What’s your superpower, or what’s your spirit animal?

Superpower = Finding something Positive in every situation

Spirit Animal = GRIZZLY BEAR

What does your year ahead look like?

I plan to continue growing and expanding what I am currently doing, while having as much fun as possible. Working hard on things that matter, enjoying the important people in my life, taking care of my own health, fitness, and nutrition, and building creative communities that can scale.

Bellwether has a big year ahead, and a lot to live up to. I will also start looking into doing our second location. Unfiltered has recently been hired by some major Colorado and National clients for Marketing, Brand Strategy and Design work, so that will be a huge focus of mine this year as well. UnLIFE will be in its third year, and we are looking to do some pretty special things.

Anything else that you would like to share?

Life is really crazy and unexpected, yet it can be so amazing and fun if you let it be. Sometimes all we need to do is simplify. Let go of all the ego and craziness in our heads, and just live. Yes it can be ugly, and scary, and frustrating, but that is also part of what is beautiful and enjoyable.

Live a life of freedom, love what you have, and above all else be true to yourself.