Wonderful New Desks in World Language Rooms

Shining Mountain Waldorf High School World Language teachers, Profe Irwin and Frau Blum, are excited about the new desks in the Spanish and German rooms. An anonymous donor agreed to buy desks for both rooms this summer as the previous desks were not suitable for the larger language classes. The new desks can be placed in many different arrangements and therefore allow for learning in many different ways. The feedback from the students has been very positive. One student said,”I really like sitting at my heart-shaped desk.” Another wrote,”Danke, danke, danke. Wir lieben die Tische!”

Danke and gracias, dear generous donor!! With your gift, you have made a huge impact on the way we are teaching and the way the students are learning.

Paula Blum, Middle School and High School German Teacher and Julie Irwin, High School Spanish Teacher