Fairy Blossom Parent – Child Program and Infant Massage


Please contact Mary Eaton Fairfield, Admission Director, at maryf@smwaldorf.org   or 303.951.8579 for a private school tour of our Early Childhood Education programs.

Fairy Blossom offers the opportunity for parents (or grandparents or caregivers) and children to come together once a week in a warm, rhythmical and home-like environment under the guidance of our Early Childhood Director, Mary Beth Fifer. Mrs. Fifer will share insights about life with babies and toddlers and offer support for parents seeking to create a home life that supports a child’s natural development. This program is designed for parents and children to experience the activities similar to those in the Kindergarten. We create a relaxed environment including time for open play, daily craft activity for parents, circle time with songs, games, finger plays, story or puppet play, healthy snack, outdoor time (weather permitting) and time for mothers and fathers to discuss parenting issues, ideas, and concerns in a non-judgmental environment. Mary Beth will offer a topic of conversation each week that relates to Waldorf Education so parents new to Waldorf have a foundation to learn more and experienced Waldorf parents can continue to grow their knowledge base.

The classes provide families with the opportunity to gain helpful insight into the developing child from a Waldorf perspective. Expectant mothers are also welcome! Come sit on the couch and relax with a handwork activity.

Some of the planned topics may include:

  • What is Waldorf Education? (Pertaining to the young child.)
  •  Developmental Stages
  •  Setting Boundaries – the Waldorf Way
  •  How to Communicate with the Young Child
  •  The Importance of Sleep
  •  Home Life – How to Incorporate Waldorf Education
  •  Media and the Young Child
  • Why is Rhythm Important
  • Creative Activities for Your Child at Home
  • The Importance of Family Mealtime
  • Birthdays – the Waldorf Way
  • Why Children Don’t Listen
  • Simplicity Parenting


Fairy Blossom Parent-Child Program 2017-18 School Year

No classes during school breaks: November 22nd and 24thFebruary 21st.  No class Friday May 4th

No classes during school breaks: November 20-24, February 19-23 or April 2-13.

No drop in sessions.


Wednesday Classes • 1:00-3:00 pm

SESSION I Sept 13 – Dec 13 (13 classes)     $260

SESSION II January 10-– March 21st (10 classes)     $200

SESSION III April 18 – May 30  (7 classes)     $140


Friday Classes 1:00-3:00 pm

SESSION I Sept 15 – Dec 15 (13 classes)     $260

SESSION II January 12 – March 23 (10 classes)     $200

SESSION III April 20 – June 1 (6 classes)     $120


One-Time Registration Fee

The registration fee is for the book and binder:  $25

For more information and to receive a registration form and check class availability, please contact Mary Eaton Fairfield, Admission Director, at maryf@smwaldorf.org or call 303.951.8579.



Infant Massage Parent-Child Classes — Now Enrolling for Saturdays this fall!

Infant Massage Classes will be held this fall in the Lark Song Kindergarten from 9:30-11:30am, for 5 successive Saturdays, beginning on Saturday, September 23rd. The cost for 5 weeks is $100. This class is for newborns through 6 months of age; 4 months of age is an ideal starting time. Do not despair if your baby will not yet have “arrived”! This class will be offered again in the winter and spring. Older siblings (active crawlers, toddlers) do need to stay at home.

Infant massage is a fun and supportive way of deeply connecting with your baby and deeply connecting with yourself. Feeling confident in your role as a parent or primary caregiver in those early postpartum months is, at times, very challenging, whether this is your first baby or your fifth! Practicing infant massage helps you to master lasting techniques that will aid in building your self-confidence in bonding with and nurturing your unique child. It is a priceless and lasting gift for your whole family.

Photo: Maggie Barbar

Photo: Maggie Barbar

Led by Shining Mountain parent Latané Hill, a certified infant massage educator also trained in Waldorf early childhood education through Sophia’s Hearth in Keene, New Hampshire, you will experience the opportunity to learn about the art of bonding with your baby through touch, and will also discuss many topics on parenting styles, as well as the Waldorf approach to parenting and Waldorf early childhood pedagogy. It is a fun, cooperative and fully engaging environment where you will meet other parents and enjoy a supportive, hands-on environment with your baby (and your partner) together!

Fall Session Dates: Saturdays on September 25 & 30, October 7, 14 & 21

For more information and to receive a registration form and check class availability, please contact Mary Eaton Fairfield, Admission Director, at maryf@smwaldorf.org or call 303.951.8579.