Class Plays

High School students begin their study of drama in the Comedy and Tragedy block in 9th grade. In 10th grade, a class play is performed, often Shakespeare or Moliere, or a modern comedy if the class has had a strong experience of Shakespeare in their 8th grade play. The Senior Play is the culmination of 12 years of ensemble dramatic production experience. Plays may be serious or lighthearted, with modern themes, imaginative staging, and strenuous acting roles. All students participate in a high school musical (Guys and Dolls, Crazy For You, Damn Yankees) every other year.


Recently, the Shining Mountain 10th grade presented “The Bourgeois Gentleman“, which satirizes French society circa 1670. The play features the character of Monsieur Jourdain who, in striving to move up in social status, makes a complete fool of himself. The play is filled with lively and eccentric characters and also some more earthy types as well. Each year the 10th grade class at Shining Mountain produces a play in November. All the students are involved in the production, and every student in the class has a role. This theatrical experience allows adolescents to step into a persona to explore (and laugh at) some of our foibles, as humans. Sophomores appreciate Molière’s witty language, and they are age appropriate to understand the subtle jokes. This production is equally an artistic endeavor and a socially bonding experience as the students discover new talents in themselves and each other.