Spring Experiences

Every other year, when not performing the High School Musical, Shining Mountain High School students participate in their “Spring Experience Week”. This is a week of varied opportunities for our students.

  • During this week the seniors are away on their Community Service Placements across the nation.
  • Groups of 9th and 10th graders choose from a selection of activities inspired by their teachers’ passions. These mini-seminars, provided outside the regular classroom structure, are an avenue for the teachers to share their special interests with the students. Classes range from “Community Service and Ethnic Cooking” to “An Introduction to Photography” to “Farther Than the Eye Can See” an opportunity to climb and hike with visually impaired students from local schools to “Being a Studio Artist”. The offerings change annually.
  • During the Spring Experience Week, the 11th graders will be preparing for their Mock Trials and presenting them to the students. (During the alternate year in which we are holding the All School Musical, the Mock Trials are held at a separate time. These trials are organized and mediated by the acclaimed mock trial team from the University of Denver Sturm School of Law, and are an exciting part of our Civics Course, giving the students a rich exposure to our legal system at work provided by in-depth role playing.)

Every year’s menu and offerings may change.  There may be a field trip, a whole high school meal prepared by a class, and more. It’s quite the experience!