International Students and College Advising

Shining Mountain Waldorf School is committed to developing an international network of students. Currently, 2% of our matriculated high school student body represents countries outside of the United States, such as China, France, Switzerland, and Germany.  Our international students enrich our school environment with their different experiences, perspectives and cultures.  Our College Advising program supports international students in their journey from high school to college and beyond.

We share our educational philosophy with over 1,000 sister Waldorf Schools around the world, over 850 of which are outside of the United States. In a similar manner, our curriculum aims to instill in our children a sense of global preparedness. A diverse student body is integral to this central aim.

95% of Shining Mountain students go on to attend a four-year college or university after high school and 5% participate in a Gap Year, attend trade school, or engage in a community college environment.

International Students are expected to work closely with the college advisor throughout the college application process even if they are working independently with an outside college consultant. Upon admittance to SMWS, international students and their parent(s) will meet with the College Advisor to discuss, in more detail, the college program and create a roadmap for the college application process.

During the end of junior year and the beginning of senior year, International Students are Expected To:

  • Attend the weekly College Counseling Seminars
  • Attend a meeting in July or August after junior year with the College Advisor and sign the Student Responsibilities Check-list
  • Meet regularly with the college advisor throughout senior year
  • Provide a college list and deadlines to the college advisor by the beginning of October of senior year
  • Keep the college advisor updated about TOEFL Scores (if appropriate)
  • Take the SAT or ACT (if appropriate)
  • Make sure that all necessary college application forms are completed

Please become more familiar with the information about our College Advising Program on the school website. and contact the College Advisor if you have any questions: