High School Educational Resource Program

The Educational Resource Program in the high school provides support for students with learning challenges. Students can receive classroom accommodations which help them access the curriculum. Some examples of accommodations include extra time on tests and assignments, copies of peer notes, preferential seating, typing, breaks, audio books, and so forth. These accommodations are based on the results of outside testing which parents arrange and share with the school. The results of the testing guide the creation of an Individualized Learning Plan, or ILP, a document similar to an IEP, which the teachers use to provide the accommodations. The High School Educational Resource Director works collaboratively with parents, students, teachers, and the High School Support Team to implement, troubleshoot, and provide suggestions which will allow students to work with their learning challenges and learn the concepts and skills being taught. This involves teamwork and communication on a regular basis. The Educational Resource Program in the high school has successfully supported students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, executive function disorder, ADHD, and more.

Matthew Messner, High School Educational Resource Director | matthewm@smwaldorf.org