Applying to Shining Mountain

Our goal throughout the applications process is to meet every parent and child in the fullest manner possible. We do this through a student shadow visit in the classroom and a teacher-parent interview. The number of days scheduled for the student shadow visit depends on the specific grade. Shadow visits in the Lower and Middle School grades are typically 3 days and 1–3 days in the High School. If necessary, our Educational Support Director may also meet with a child to better assess his or her needs. If an application is received during the summer, the process involves only an interview with you and your child.

Kindergarten–Grade 8: Applying by January 15 is strongly recommended.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2018–19 school year. 


Applying for the Early Childhood Education program:

Admission to the Early Childhood Education program is on a rolling basis and our kindergarten classes are mixed age 2.5–6 years old. Your child will be considered for acceptance when they turn 2.5 years old.

We are excited to announce that we are now welcoming 2.5 year old children who are on their way to being toilet independent into our Early Childhood Program for fall 2017 admission (they may still be in a pull up or diaper, as long as they have begun toilet training). 

Applying for 1st Grade:
At Shining Mountain, we look at the whole child and individual development when considering a student for acceptance in first grade, which includes physical, social and cognitive development and readiness to enter first grade. Children with late spring and early summer birthdays may be considered for admission to first grade through a readiness assessment to determine whether they are developmentally prepared to take on the challenges of first grade or whether they would be better served by an additional year in kindergarten.  Read more about first grade readiness here.

Applying for Grades 2–8:
Once a complete application is received, a shadow visit for the student will be arranged and a parent interview scheduled. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Applying for Grades 9–12:
In the High School, a student may visit for a full day before formally applying to the High School. The High School application includes: a Parent Questionnaire, Student Questionnaire, Student Essay, Student Drawing, Math and English Teacher Evaluations, and Transcripts. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact the Admissions Department to request a visit and learn more about our High School.


Early Childhood Education (Preschool/Kindergarten) 
All Kindergarten applications that are received by January 15 are processed between January 15 and mid-February, with decisions announced by the end of February. Children are met through small playgroups, guided by the teachers, while parents have time to meet personally with our kindergarten teachers in a parent-only interview. The interview is a time to answer your questions, discuss your child’s needs, and further explain Shining Mountain’s philosophy and curriculum.

Applications received after January 15 are processed on a rolling basis at the end of February and throughout the spring.

Grades 1–8
Grade 1 applicants are interviewed in January and early February. Children are met through small 1st grade readiness assessment circles, while parents have time to meet personally with the teacher in a parent-only interview. The interview is a time to answer your questions, discuss your child’s needs, and further explain Shining Mountain’s philosophy and curriculum.

For grades 2–8, once the Admissions Office has received a completed application, we will arrange a 3-day shadow visit in the classroom for your child. Following the shadow visit, teacher(s) will meet with the parent/guardian(s) for an interview to assess both the school’s ability to meet the needs of your child and your support for our educational approach and curriculum. This is a time to raise questions and ensure a good match between the school and your family.

High School
Students are encouraged to visit prior to applying to the High School. Once we have received all parts of your application, the Admissions Office will arrange for High School Leadership to meet with you and your student. Our goal is to ensure a good match between the needs of each student and the school’s curriculum and educational approach.

The length of time between sending in an application and having a decision from Shining Mountain varies. It depends on the grade to which you are applying, the time of year, and whether or not there is a space in the class. Typically, the process takes two weeks. Upon acceptance, you will then complete an enrollment contract, pay the deposit to hold your child’s space in the class and fill out all enrollment documents. New students must also submit a waiver or record of immunizations and a report of a physical examination before school begins.