Middle School Educational Support

The Educational Support Program in the lower school consists of two extra lesson teachers trained in Waldorf remedial therapy, a reading/math tutor, and a Therapeutic Eurythmist. We strive to meet the educational and developmental needs of students with different learning styles, and work to have resources internally and externally in place to meet the needs of each student. We offer students with developmental, behavioral or learning challenges academic and developmental support through small group tutorial sessions in reading and math, as well as series of sessions of developmental movement exercises to address individual or small group needs as a foundation for academic learning. We have small group extra Eurythmy that seeks to serve every child in the lower classes and kindergartens with curative Eurythmy to meet developmental needs of small groups of students and to strengthen the integration of lower senses and dominance. We do sensory screenings for children in Kindergarten, developmental screenings to prepare for first grade entry, and a second grade developmental screening which includes simple math and pre-reading skills. We do academic screenings in reading and math as requested by class teachers and in the whole class in 4th grade as well as academic or developmental intake screenings with incoming students enrolling later in the grades. The fifth grade teacher does a screening in writing and math at the end of the year to pass on to the receiving 6th grade teacher. We also do Extra Lesson Assessments and/or academic testing at the request of teachers or parents when concerns arise in grades 1-8. When the needs of a student are beyond our limited resources, we make referrals for outside tutoring or assessment as needed, and work with parents to see that the student’s support is in place. The Educational Support Director, in collaboration with class teacher and parents, prepares Individual Learning Plan’s for students who need accommodations in the classroom or to ensure needed support outside of school. If students need more help than SMWS can provide, we may require outside tutoring. We are available to give assistance to teachers with strategies and accommodations within the classroom and to meet with parents to help them better understand the needs of their child.


Middle School Team

Carol Hanlein, Lower School Educational Resource Support Director | caroleh@smwaldorf.org

Nancy White-Schram, Educational Support Teacher | nancyws@smwaldorf.org

Glenda Monasch, Therapeutic Eurythmist | glendam@smwaldorf.org