Volunteer Interest Form

Shining Mountain Waldorf School depends on the generous volunteerism of our community members.  Active involvement contributes greatly to the quality of every child’s experience and nurtures the parental connection to our rich, vital community.  Your gifts of time, energy and resources support and enliven the Waldorf experience for everyone.

CLASS LEVEL PARTICIPATION:  Your Class Parent will organize classroom level needs such as: field trip drivers, classroom cleaning needs and flower fairy, faculty snack offerings, class play coordinators, reading group leaders, etc.  All parents participate at this level in addition to helping out with other school needs as they are able.

ATHLETICS: Participation in extracurricular athletics is a privilege for students in grades 6-12.  The athletic department requires parent participation to sustain the student athletic experience.  Examples include: carpool driver, bus driver, concessions work, scoring, etc.  If you are a parent of a student in grades 6-12 who will be involved in athletics, you will be contacted by the coaches or the Athletic Director with volunteer requests.

SCHOOLWIDE VOLUNTEERING:  Please tell us which additional events and committees you may be interested in helping with this year in the form below.  If you already serve on any of the listed committees or events, please check them!  Thank you for your participation!

SMWS Volunteer Interest Form

  • Please tell us which events and committees you would like to help with this year. If you already serve on one of these committees or events, please check.
  • Volunteering at SMWS enriches and strengthens our school and is a wonderful way to build relationships and to stay connected to the larger community. See you on campus!