Preparing for life

We believe a Waldorf education is the best preparation for a successful future. 

Understanding Waldorf

With more than 1200 international locations, Waldorf schools are admired, but not always fully understood by parents who want the best foundation for their child’s future success.

Shining Mountain’s sister school in the Silicon Valley, the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, created the film Preparing For Life to bridge the understanding gap — explaining fundamentals of the pedagogy, showing the essence of a student’s day, and sharing the aim and intention of a Waldorf education.

College professors can identify a Waldorf student. Confident, curious, and able to hold a conversation are often qualities attributed to them. What begins with imitation in kindergarten moves to imagination in the lower grades and to the intellect in high school. The arts are woven throughout. The Waldorf style of teaching prepares a student to think in a whole-systems way. As a result, students learn how to learn — a fundamental building block of life.

Our Programs


A mixed age, play-based kindergarten where imagination and exploration create a foundation for learning. Flexible schedules, from three to five days, with morning-only and full-day options, are available.


The curriculum guides your child from the early age of imitation and imagination to a rich immersion in academic learning, world cultures, and artistry. 


Curriculum for Grade 6-8 stimulates critical and creative thinking, and renders experiences that broaden perspectives, build community, and encourage self-expression. 


Waldorf High School students move from absolute to abstract thought and reasoning as each student discovers meaning and their own unique place in the world.

Announcing Flexible tuition

Waldorf education in Boulder is now affordable for everyone. 

Affordable for everyone

“Shining Mountain is committed to the belief that every child is equally deserving of an inspiring and inclusive education. We have developed our new tuition model to nurture the goal of creating both access and affordability for all.”

– Alanna Marks, Admissions Director

While we ask every SMWS family to make an investment in their child’s tuition, our robust CHAT program (Community Honoring Affordable Tuition) provides support for families. Because many factors guide tuition adjustment decisions, we encourage families to have a confidential conversation with our Admissions Director or our Business Director rather than make assumptions about whether they are eligible. In addition, all families can start the CHAT process by applying through the FACTS Portal.

Our new state-of-the-art high school building opens Spring 2024
Shining Mountain Waldorf School celebrates 40 years in Boulder
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high school grand opening

How do you encourage individuality, intellect, and imagination?

Beyond Academic Requirements for College


How do you encourage individuality, intellect, and imagination? Prepare a student not just for college acceptance, but self-acceptance and confidence for life. 

High school is more than four years. It is learning to learn for life. It is achievement and life-changing experiences, critical thinking, and innovative work. At Shining Mountain, the Waldorf High School experience is built on four pillars: Experiential Learning, Arts Integration, Global and Local Impact, and the SMWS Explore project — a self-directed, mentor-supported learning program that culminates with a Capstone project.


Confidence for Life

94% of Waldorf graduates attend college or university.
42% of Waldorf graduates choose Science or Math as a major.
1200 International Waldorf Schools
65% of Families Receive Tuition Assistance
To promote economic diversity.
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Shining Mountain Waldorf School Unveils New High School Campus in North Boulder: Grand Opening Event Friday, May 10, 2024