Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the long range strategic planning for the future of Shining Mountain Waldorf School, overseeing the budget and financial operations of the school, campus development, and school director hire and performance review. The Board is led by the officers who make up the Executive Committee, including Board President, Vice President, Board Treasurer, Board Secretary, the Campus Development Committee Chair, and the School Director.
There are also a number of subcommittees of the Board of Trustees. All subcommittees are open to community participation and include at least one Trustee. Community members are welcome to reach out directly to Trustees and Committee Chairs with questions or thoughts. We invite and encourage you to consider joining the work of the school by participating on a committee. Participation on a subcommittee is a prerequisite for joining the Board of Trustees. Board committees include: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity, Development, Sustainability, Finance, Marketing, and Campus Development. For additional details, please review our full organizational chart.
The Board strives to promote an ethos of transparency by ensuring that community members have access to information regarding finances, operations, and results. Financial results are shared in the annual report as well as Town Hall Meetings. The Board meets once a month and the schedule is on the all school calendar. If you have questions about our Board of Trustees, please contact the Board Secretary listed below.

Individuals who have displayed enthusiastic leadership and accountability during committee work, as well as sincere interest in helping Shining Mountain Waldorf School achieve its mission statement, are considered for service on the Board. The Board also considers for membership on the Board people outside of the Shining Mountain community who have demonstrated commitment to community service and support the ideals of Shining Mountain. If you are interested in serving on the Board or would like to recommend someone for service on the Board, please contact the Board President or any other Trustee.

When making decisions, Board members must put the interests of the school above all else.

Generally the Board meets once a month, usually the week following the Finance Committee Meeting. The Board strives to focus on longer range strategic thinking to guide the direction of Shining Mountain Waldorf School. The Board handles most of its operational work through committees. Each Committee Chair’s written report communicating all projects and challenges is delivered to The Board of Trustees prior to the monthly Board meeting. Board meetings are listed on the all school calendar.

Trustees of the Board and the committees on which they serve:

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