After many years of preparation and analysis, Shining Mountain Waldorf School’s plans for a redesigned campus and new high school are underway. We have completed the Concept Review Process and Site Review approval has been achieved with the City of Boulder. 

We are now entitled to develop our property and move forward with land sales. We are in process for technical documentation approval and obtaining building permits. 

Here is a drawing of our new campus from the site plan developed by our architectural firm Sopher Sparn Architects

We have hired the Colorado Group as our commercial land sales agency. Townhomes at Violet and Broadway and single family homes on Union Avenue are part of the land sales plan. For information regarding land sales, please contact:

High school construction will begin as soon as technical documentation and building permits are in place. We anticipate that occurring at the start of 2022. Our partners on the construction phase of site development are Anser Advisory and Fransen Pittman General Contractors.

As we are working on completing the high school project, we plan on starting construction of the Festival Hall addition and then the lower school campus in phases.

The SMWS Board of Trustees is very appreciative of all those who have worked tirelessly over the past five years to achieve this major milestone with Boulder County.

If you would like more information about the new campus, please contact the Campus Operations Director, Anne Nadelson at