The Greatest Scientists are Artists Too

Louis Pastuer was a painter. Albert Einstein and Francis Arnold were both accomplished musicians. New research shows that award winning scientists, and especially Nobel Prize winners, are far more likely to have artistic hobbies than the general public. Many of them, including Einstein, cite the role of the arts in their breakthroughs. Creativity and perseverance […]

Working with Your Hands Does Wonders for Your Brain

Prolonged focus between our hands and raw materials encourages cognitive connections, fine-motor activity, concentration, perseverance with tasks, and a sense of pride in meaningful work. Susan Biali Haas M.D., originally published in June 2019 on the Psychology Today website. I’ve been working hard on a proposal for a new book. This involves a lot of sitting […]

Is ‘AQ’ more important than intelligence? Educating for an Uncertain Future

By Seb Murray, originally published in Nov. 2019 on the BBC website, Worklife 101 . As workplaces change, is it enough to be smart? Enter AQ, the capacity to adapt that may well determine your future career success. Once, if you wanted to assess how well someone might do climbing the career ladder, you might […]

Waldorf Schools are Media Literacy Role Models

By Soni Albright, originally published in Oct. 2021 on the Cyber Civics website. As we celebrate Media Literacy Week 2021, it’s hard to believe that Waldorf schools in North America have been leading the way when it comes to Media Literacy education. What’s that? Waldorf schools and “Media” Literacy? Do you mean those schools that […]

SMWS | Statement on Racial Injustice

June 02, 2020 SMWS Statement on Racial Injustice from the SMWS Diversity & Inclusivity Committee: • The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are among the many recent incidents in a long history of police brutality and institutionalized racism against Black people in this country. • We are angered and full of […]

New video from AWSNA, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

Waldorf: An Education for the Future On September 19, 2019, Waldorf education celebrates 100 years. Across the globe, Waldorf schools are engaging in creative, social and environmental actions. With these initiatives, Waldorf communities are seeding the future. 100 years is only the beginning. Visit to learn more. Join the movement. Seed the future.

Discover Waldorf Education

Discover Waldorf Education

Shining Mountain Waldorf School is committed to offering a comprehensive education that caters to the physical, emotional, and intellectual growth of our students. Our multi-disciplinary approach integrates science, art, mathematics, music, and outdoor education for a broad-based experience. If you are seeking a school that fosters authenticity, analytical and creative thinking, and a sense of community, take the first step and learn more about our school.

Shining Mountain Waldorf School Unveils New High School Campus in North Boulder: Grand Opening Event Friday, May 10, 2024